18-Wheeler Accidents

Rules & Regulations

18 wheeler accidents are often more complex than other motor vehicle accidents, for a variety of reasons. First, determining who the responsible party is can be complicated in the trucking industry because of the various leases and licensing agreements under which these trucks are operated. This also complicates determining which insurance companies are responsible. Second, since the federal government regulates commercial trucking throughout the United States, there are numerous highly technical regulations that are often overlooked by inexperienced lawyers. Third, although there are strict regulations requiring trucking companies to keep a detailed record of their activities and the drivers’ hours of operation, these log books are usually kept only for a limited amount of time, after which they are permanently destroyed. Finally, the amount of damage and level of injury sustained in an 18-wheeler accident typically surpasses what is incurred in accidents involving smaller vehicles.

The Time Factor

For these and other reasons, if you have been involved in an accident involving a semi, tractor-trailer or 18-wheeler, you will need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to handle the matter for you. Time is obviously of the essence in your case and you will need a lawyer who knows what information to get and where to get it in a timely manner. You will need a lawyer like Derriel C. McCorvey, with significant experience with the trucking industry to handle your case. He has assisted numerous trucking accident victims injured along major transportation arteries in Louisiana such as Interstate Highway 10 (I-10) and Highway 90.

Resources & Results

From our office in Lafayette, Louisiana, our law firm has successfully represented many clients suffering from injuries resulting from truck accidents. We recruit accident reconstruction specialists and engineers, obtain medical records, interview witnesses, conduct discovery, get the best medical treatment for you, evaluate your claim, and assess damages. Our goal is always to seek a prompt and satisfactory solution for you. However, if we think an offer is inadequate, we have the means to hold out and, if necessary, litigate, until we achieve the best possible result for you.

Free Consultations

We also offer free initial consultations, and do not collect a fee unless we receive a settlement or a verdict for our client. If you have been injured in a 18 wheeler accident, call us at 1-337-291-2431 or for a free confidential consultation click on the submit your case button below today and leave your worries to an experienced attorney. We serve 18-wheeler accident victims throughout Louisiana, Texas and the Acadiana area, including New Iberia, Morgan City, Kaplan, Lake Charles, Bayou Teche, Opelousas, and all along the Gulf of Mexico.

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