There are a number of issues associated with the daily use of talcum or baby powder. There are countless cases involving talcum powder still pending. Our team at McCORVEY LAW, LLC is taking cases from individuals effected after 2005.

J&J Knew About the Link Between Talc Powder and Ovarian Cancer

In one of the most notable cases, a jury found in 2013 that Johnson & Johnson should have warned women about the risk of developing ovarian cancer when using its talcum and baby powders near the genitals. In that case, the plaintiff alleged that she developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based Baby Powder and Shower-to-Shower products for nearly 30 years. According to the lawsuit, Johnson & Johnson knew about the link between talc powder and cancer since as early as 1982, when a landmark study found that women using these products as personal powders were at a 92 percent increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. Following the study, researchers allegedly recommended that the company place a warning for this risk on its talcum powders; however, to this day, Johnson & Johnson’s talc powders do not include any warnings about the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Now, the Foundation for Consumers (FFC), is pushing for a label warning that would inform consumers of the risks associated with talcum powder and how it could be linked to ovarian cancer or fallopian tube cancer. The jury in the most recent case believed that the company failed to inform consumers of the potential risks of talcum powder despite concerns that were known and brought up by the American Cancer Society in 1999.

The concerns over talcum powder pertain to its potential to cause ovarian cancer or fallopian tube cancer. If you believe you have a case, contact our team at McCORVEY LAW, LLC to learn more about your possible legal options.


The following companies market talcum powder and our team can investigate to determine if these brands resulted in diagnosed fallopian tube or ovarian cancer.

Johnson & Johnson
Gold Bond Medicated Powder
Clubman Pinaud Talc
Shower to Shower
Nivea Pure Talc
McKesson Baby Powder

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